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Sports Car Open announces Sprint Series with title partner Virtual Racing School and $25.000 prize pool

From Friday, June 4, 2021

Munich. International simracing series organizer Sports Car Open, in cooperation with title partner Virtual Racing School, announces hosting the dual-series VRS SCO Sprint Challenge and VRS SCO Sprint Masters. Together with series partners Morphicon and Racespot, Sports Car Open is creating the new spearhead of virtual GT racing on the iRacing platform with a prize pool of $25,000.

1 team - 2 drivers- 6 Race weekends with 2 races per day

The Race weekends of the VRS SCO Sprint Challenge and Masters will take place on three Fridays and Saturdays in July and August 2021 each. The Sprint Challenge teams will commence the weekend with their GT4 cars on Friday evening, while the participants of the Sprint Masters will Race their GT3 cars on Saturday afternoon. In both series the teams will fieldtwo drivers per car and tackle two races per weekend, each lasting 60 minutes. A driver change must take place in the middle of the race, between minutes 25 and 35. Furthermore, each driver is obliged to qualify and start one Race of each weekend exactly once. The sophisticated vehicle-based pre-qualifying system and per-Race Balance of Performance ensure equal opportunity and support the competition at an international top level.